Thread: wtf is wrong with this resource script!

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    wtf is wrong with this resource script!

    i used Microsoft Visual C++ for the resource script and everything is fine, i made a menu, an icon, a cursor, and version info and saved it all, brought it home (i made it on the schools compiler) and plugged the Resource.h and Resource.rc into my Bloodshed Dev C++ project, and created my window.

    now the window itsself doesn;t have any errors at all. but how do i include the custom cursor i made and icon?
    WndClass.hCursor = LoadCursor (NULL, IDC_MAINCUR);
    WndClass.hIcon = LoadIcon (NULL, IDI_ICON1);

    thats how i thought and it wont work.

    but heres another thing:

    theres a problem in the resource script. its trying to:
    #include "afxres.h"
    and it sais that there is no such file or directory. i set the settings of my compiler to Win32GUI. but the frig is going on here!
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    Resource scripts generated/tweaked with msvc are not compatible with other resource compilers. In order to use devc++ you will have to manually extract and, in some cases, modify the resource definitions that you wish to use/copy into your target devc++ resource script.

    Without seeing the entire script it's difficult to say but as a first move you should delete ALL microsoft specific text from the resource script. For MingW (windres) you should also #include <windows.h>

    If you still have problems, post your script here.

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