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    Dear friends

    i am using DrawDIBDraw function to draw a large bitmap. As a result, the Bitmap is drawn for the fraction of a second and then it disappears. I am using following code .....

    HDRAWDIB hdd = DrawDibOpen();
    DrawDibDraw(hdd, hPaintDC,0,0,BITMAP_WIDTH,BITMAP_HEIGHT,& m_BitmapInfo,m_pBits,0,0,BITMAP_WIDTH,BITMAP_HEIGH

    how can i solve the problem . why it disappears.


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    Don't post the same question more than once. And for the record the reason the picture will only show momentarily is because even a mono image as big as your image will be 241 megs! I assume you are using a paletted image (that was my assumption in the pm). If you are using a 24bit image then we are taking about a 4gig image. An image this large is just an enormous drain on system resources and windows is reacting to it in an expected way. Break your image up a bit (even at 1024x1024 there would be nearly 2000 images).

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