Thread: Problems with Shell Execute

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    Problems with Shell Execute

    I am using ShellExecute in a program and am having some serious speed problems. The program launches the default internet browser and goes to a website. The only problem is that it is taking an inordinate amount of time to do this. After the first call to open the website, the loading time isn't as severe. But it literally takes minutes to launch the browser on my 333mhz box using IE the first time.

    P.S. I am opening the website by using the web site address as the file name. However, I have also tried opening IE specifically with the parameter being set as the website's address.

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    Try running the code on a different machine.
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    lol. My only solution would be for M$ to make IE faster All kidding aside ShellExecute() is pretty fast. You could use CreateProcess() but I don't think that will be a quantum leap in speed. I think this is more do to the slow nature of IE loading rather than the speed that a process is spawned.

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    I would say that you should use shellExucute() or CreateProcess() after you CreateThread(). That is create a new thread for the process that should make it seem faster but since you say it is only on the first load up it's most likely IE's problem and not your code. IE loads up all the ActiveX and plugins on the first time and maybe that's where it's hanging up.
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