Thread: Correct way to use ZeroMemory.

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    Correct way to use ZeroMemory.

    Which way is the correct way to handle this.

    TCHAR szString[100];

    1. ZeroMemory(&szString, sizeof(szString));

    2. ZeroMemory(&szString, sizeof(TCHAR) * sizeof(szString));

    3. Something else all together.

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    ZeroMemory(szString, sizeof(TCHAR) * sizeof(szString));

    The size should be expressed in bytes, so to be correct you should use sizeof(), though a char only takes one byte.

    szString is basically a pointer, so you don't get it's adress using &.

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    >ZeroMemory(szString, sizeof(TCHAR) * sizeof(szString));<

    Say we had a unicode array -

    TCHAR t[255];

    sizeof(TCHAR) would equal 2.
    sizeof(t) would equal 510.

    Using the above method you'd be zero-ing 1020 bytes. This isn't what you want.

    The sizeof operator will produce the number of bytes in an array. All you need is -


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    My favorite way...if using C++

    TCHAR szString[100] = {0};

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