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    About the code

    This code I have here should work but it will not compile on my machine. I have been trying to do this for about 2 hours now. My girlfriend is getting ........ed off at me because she wants to play and I won't get off intill I figure this out. When I build the code I get this error
    :\My Documents\Source.cpp(10) : error C2065: 'MainDialog_OnCommand' : undeclared identifier
    C:\My Documents\Source.cpp(19) : error C2373: 'MainDialog_OnCommand' : redefinition; different type modifiers
    Error executing cl.exe.
    What should I write or do with this code. I am getting fustratied I know for a fact this crap is not that hard to figure out for most of you people but I am having a hard time with this simple and easy task. sorry for bothering everyone.

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <tchar.h>
    #include "resource.h"

    BOOL MainDialogProc(HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    switch (uMsg)
    case WM_COMMAND:
    return MainDialog_OnCommand(hWnd, LOWORD(wParam), HIWORD(wParam), (HWND)lParam);
    case WM_CLOSE:
    EndDialog(hWnd, 0);
    return TRUE;
    return FALSE;

    BOOL MainDialog_OnCommand(HWND hWnd, WORD wCommand, WORD wNotify, HWND hControl)
    switch (wCommand)
    case IDOK:
    MessageBox(hWnd, _T("Bye-bye world!"), _T("Sample Application"), MB_OK);

    case IDCANCEL:
    EndDialog(hWnd, wCommand);
    return TRUE;

    int _tmain(void)
    DialogBoxParam(GetModuleHandle(NULL), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DIALOG1), NULL, (DLGPROC)MainDialogProc, 0);

    return 0;

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    You have no prototype for the function declared before you try to use it.


    BOOL MainDialog_OnCommand(HWND hWnd, WORD wCommand, WORD wNotify, HWND hControl);

    at the top of the file
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