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    exporting a status bar

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a status bar to another program?
    I can add them to my own apps okay but I cant seem to get one on an mIRC window.
    The approach i use for my own windows is to use CreateStatusWindow() and it works fine. I know I have the correct handle to the mIRC window but cant get it to work. Anyway I was just curious to see if anyone here had done something similar.

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    well im not sure that windows allows creation on foreign forms, kinda like the getwindowtext api call and setwindowtext, they work fine on windows that were created in the same application but dont work when using them on a foreign hwnd, if u was allowed then im sure u cld just retrieve the windows hwnd property using getwindow() and then use the call for the control or whatever it is u want. the only things u can do is send window messages to the window or the windows controls, and modify them to something else, the other which is obvious is blitting to a foreign windows device context but i think that is the extent @ which u are allowed to modify/interact with a foreign window

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