Thread: Writing in to flat file using SDK programming

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    Writing in to flat file using SDK programming

    I am fundoo windows CE programmer.

    I am actually trying to create a file and write into it .

    If I 've used MFC, then I can use CFile Class and creating object to it and happily use serialize to write into it.

    My task is I've will be getting data from serial port. That data should be continually be displayed on the window besides it needs to be stored in a flat file. I 've acheived displaying data on the window using SDK programming, but unable to write the data into the file. I would like to know if there are anybody who worked on this concept.


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    You can use the standard C functions:
    fprintf (text)
    fwrite (binary)

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    near a computer
    or the WIN32 CE



    even CeWriteFile()
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