Thread: Changing Text/Background colours for window controls ...

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    Changing Text/Background colours for window controls ...

    I'm making class wrappers for various window controls such as edit, static, progress etc. Similar in a way to the CEdit class etc - but much simplified.

    I've subclassed the winprocs in class wrappers, no problem. But I can't get the text/background colours to change.

    The MSDN says that you must intercept WM_CTLCOLOREDIT etc in the parent winproc in order to set the colours ... but I need to keep each window control completely self contained.

    Therefore, is there another way to change the colours of such controls, without doing so from the parent winproc?

    I'm using straight C++ (no MFC)


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    If you have subclassed the controls then handle their WM_ERASEBKGND messages and paint their backgrounds yourself. Alternatively you can use a similar mechanism to that employed by mfc with the over-vaunted and disengenuous label of 'message reflection' - which is simply sending the details of the WM_CTL* messages to your c++ class wrapper (or c fn) for handling.

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