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    Unhappy DateTimePicker crash

    I have a DateTimePicker control in a dialogbox.
    The variable is initialized as:

    m_Time = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();

    The problem is that when you click on the year part, to change
    the year manually, the system crashes with an exeption error.
    Changing the style 'allow edit' does not make any difference.

    Does anyone have an idea to solve this ?


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    it might be that you are getting the current year from the computer and since you are trying to change the year manually you might be changing the current year on the computer itself therefore the error
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    >the system crashes with an exeption error

    Run the program in debug mode ( default ).

    When the exception pops up, choose Debug
    from the choices that come with the messagebox.

    Now look at the code and try to find out what went wrong.

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