Thread: CString to char - possible??

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    Question CString to char - possible??

    I have a class which inlcudes this line for the function -

    inline CString GetFile() {return File;}

    I am trying to get data in from a dialog list box, using the OnDblClick() this is the code as it stands.
    Essentially I have a template filename


    and the object selected has a method which gets the filename. I want it in the middle of the startpath string. (startpath will be startpath+filename+program)

    char startpath[80]("c:\\dave\\");
    char program[90]("setup.exe");
    char path[100];
    CDataObject *pObject;
    strcat(startpath, program);

    spawnl(P_WAIT, startpath, startpath, NULL);

    I can zip the whole thing to you if this doesn't make any sense, but i need to get the File ( which is a string, and append it to the startpath variable.



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    You need a null terminated version of the CString object. I think you can get it with the CString:perator LPCTSTR, but as you know, I don't use MFC.

    From the help...

    CString:perator LPCTSTR
    Use this casting operator to access the null-terminated C string contained in a CString object. No characters are copied; only a pointer is returned. Be careful with this operator. If you change a CString object after you have obtained the character pointer, you may cause a reallocation of memory that invalidates the pointer.

    operator LPCTSTR ( ) const;


    that should be a ":" followed by a "o".. Damn smilies crap!
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    adrianxw is completely right, you can use operator LPCTSTR.
    In fact, it will be used automatically for you if you give a CString
    object where a const char* is needed.

    Alternatively you can use the Format function to do this:

    CString strPath;
    CString strMiddlePart;

    strMiddlePart = GetYourStringFromSomeWhere();

    // Format works like sprintf
    strPath.Format( "C:\\Dave\\%s\\setup.exe", strMiddlePart );

    // conversion to const char* [= LPCTSTR] called automatically
    spawnl(P_WAIT, strPath, strPath, NULL);

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    adrian, you can turn off the smilies. See:
    ... CString::operator LPCTSTR ...
    Also, if you use the "code" tage you shouldn't have that problem, and you can even keep the smilies.

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    >>> you can turn off the smilies

    I was aware I could turn them off for me, but was not sure that turning them off for me would affect my posts when viewed by others, (i.e., when I preview I see ":" "o", but someone with smilies sees ).

    I am also aware of the code tags, which I use when posting code sections, however, the code tag can make phat messages which annoy everyone, so for one or two lines, I tend not to bother.
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