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    urgent help needed

    Here is the thing: In the windows command prompt, there is a command called NET SEND which can send a message to a selected computer on the same local network as the computer, and a windows message box pops up with the message, and who it is from. The syntax is 'net send [IP] [Message]' but without the brackets. I let loose this information, bad idea, in my computer class. Now kids abuse it and send crap loads of messages, thus making tons of message boxes pop up.

    I am wondering how I could make a program to check for incoming messages with an if statement and then send a message back to the user, but like say 100 times in a loop. Or, just block the message by closing the window automatically. I just started learning windows programming so this is beyond me.

    The answer is YES I am asking someone to provide some code for me on how to do this, because it has become a real problem at school. Perhaps if you just showed how to check for incoming NET SEND messges, and how to send one. The rest would be easy. If you can help, I'd be delighted.

    I have never asked for someone to provide me with code before without trying myself first, but this is beyond me right now, but I still would like a program like that.

    EDIT: Don't take me for a complete newb, heh. I know about dialogue boxes, windows, and such.
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    No programming needed for this one...
    Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services: Disable the Service "Messenger". This is under Windows 2000, i'm not sure where the services can be accessed on NT or XP, I haven't used them.

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