Thread: garbled output: Win32 : GetLogicalDriveStrings()

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    garbled output: Win32 : GetLogicalDriveStrings()

    why do i get garbled output from this:

    BOOL getLogicalNames(char *psDriveBuffer, DWORD nBufLen)
    DWORD nRes;
    printf("Getting Logical Names\n");

    if ( (nRes = GetLogicalDriveStringsA (nBufLen, psDriveBuffer) )== 0 )
    return FALSE;
    printf("%d, %s", nRes, psDriveBuffer);
    return TRUE;

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    Post this kind of stuff on the Windows Programming Board.

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    What length have you allocated to the psDriveBuffer?

    Are you using UNICODE (char is 2 bytes not one)?

    Is nRes > sizeof(psDriveBuffer) when function returns?

    What does GetLastError() return?

    (Is GetLogicalDriveStringsA() a typo? Should be GetLogicalDriveStrings() )

    I would get the return from the GetLogicalDriveStrings eg nRes and then test
    sprintf(sBuffer,"GetLogicalDriveStringsA failed with error#%d.",iError);
    return FALSE;

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