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    Dialog ?

    Is there anyway(function) to print a dialog on a printer?

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    you can use bitblit the screen to just where yor dialog is, then bitblit that to the printer...
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    I didn't knew you could do that..

    How do you get the printer's DC?
    What if you have multiple printers?


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    You use EnumPrinters() to get the device names and then use one of these device names in a call to CreateDC().

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    I found
    GetProfileString("windows", "device", (LPCTSTR) &szOutputBuffer,(LPTSTR) &szOutputString, 255);
    hdc = CreateDC ("WINSPOOL", szOutputString, NULL, NULL) ;

    works better under NT/2000 sysyems. We have a printer that has a long name and gets truncated under WIN98 using EnumPrinters().

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