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    winsocket books

    sup guys well i dont know much about socket programming but i do have a okay knowlage with tcp/ip ..Well i dont know which book is the best since there are so many out there i need some advice from u guys ..i am talking about winsocket ..and yeah i am a C programmer..So which book do you guys think will be good for me .. thanks alot

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    I had to learn how to use sockets for a project at work last year. I bought "Unix network programming" Volume1 Second Edition by W. Richard Stevens, and I can highly recommend it.

    I know this is a windows board, but the windows socket architecture was built on the Berkleys standard used for Unix, and I have ported socket programs from C on unix to C on windows with hardly any extra work.

    I learned almost everything I really needed to know from the first couple of chapters, and the rest is packed full of useful stuff which I've used on a lookup basis since.

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    I recommend Network Programming for Microsoft Windows, Second Edition by Anthony Jones and Jim Ohmund.


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