Thread: Can't I reduce the default size of Activex Control (rcBounds)

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    Question Can't I reduce the default size of Activex Control (rcBounds)

    I am developing activex Control using MFC ,

    When ever i use the ActiveX Control Wizard from the
    File > New in VC++ , I will get default function OnDraw

    void MyCtl::On Draw(CDC *pdc,const CRect &rcBounds, const CRect &rcInvalid){
    default drawing code of Activex Control


    My doubt is rcBounds has got some fixed size, and when I try to reduce I am getting drawing problems. Is there any solution to change the default size given to rcBounds

    If any body can help me I would be lot thankful to them

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    Are you trying to change the size of the window or draw in an area smaller than the window? Ah, I think I understand. OnDraw should use the size of your client region. If you change the size of your window, or call the function using a rectangle that is the size you want you should be good to go.

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