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    Question Using C DLLs in VB

    I have been trying, unsuccessfully to work with a c program from visual basic, the dll's that I need to use were written in C. I have been unable to register these dll's, is there a way to use them with Visual Basic?

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    damn, i've seen an article on this on the web but cant remember where it is...

    make a search at it's probably around there. also, in the same site, check the discussion boards (both the vb and the vcc) the vcc board has a dll section. anyway somewhere in these 2 boards u search and u'll find the answer for sure.


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    hi again. here are some links for you, seems what you looking for...

    HOWTO: Make C DLL More Accessible to VB with a Type Library

    Creating C++ DLLs to help VB

    Visual Basic Explorer

    Creating a DLL for VB in VC++

    Programming Custom Hardware in Visual Basic

    Extending VB with C++

    hope it helps...


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    you do in visual basic

    Private Declare Function MyFunction(ByVal a as Integer, ByVal b as Integer, ByRef c as Integer) as Integer

    if you declared the function as:

    int MyFunction(int a, int b, int* c);


    Private Declare Sub MyVoidFunction(ByVal a as Integer, b as String)

    if you did

    void MyVoidFunction(int a, LPCSTR b);

    voids do Sub's
    anything else does functions, and at the end, you put the return type

    void Sub
    int Integer
    float I don't know, but I think it's Single
    double Double
    char* or LPCSTR String
    DWORD Long
    char Byte

    but remember, most VB types are unsigned, so do something about it

    adn, if you use a pointer, in VB use ByRef or leave blank, otherwise, use ByVal

    Good Luck


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