Thread: Hot to use resources in Visual C++?

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    Hot to use resources in Visual C++?

    Hi, I'm a Visual C++ newbie(I know C++ on a high level, and I haven't programmed windows before, I just need Visual C++ for SDL), and I would like to know, how can I add resource files(images, and sounds) to my exe file, and how can I access these added files, as individual files!
    Please note, that I don't know anything about MFC and windows programming!

    Thanks in advance!

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    A book is good advice but I'm sure you want something now. You use functions such as LoadIcon, LoadImage, LoadBitmap (this is better for resource files than LoadImage), LoadFont, and there are a couple others. You can find them all at

    HBITMAP MyImage = LoadBitmap(hInst, "MyResourceName");

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    LoadImage() is the latest version of LoadBitmap().

    Can only use BMP's not other image types in GDI (MS has added some in GDI++).

    To play sounds look for (suprisingly) PlaySound() or lookup Wave form audio (WM_WOM_OPEN msg's)
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