Thread: porting c program from unix to windows

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    Unhappy porting c program from unix to windows

    i want to try to port a program which is written in works on unix.
    i use windows98 and redhat 7.2.i compile code with visualc++ 6.0
    there was no errors.but i have many link errors.
    i use for variables this command "__declspec (dllexport)".
    and solve most of the link errors.but i cant use same structure for functions.and dont know why?

    i heard about some programs , like cygwin , interix , uwin ,mingw etc.
    they all says i can port my code easily on windows.i use now cygwin but
    how can i do that?

    if somebody related with these items contact me.

    live happy

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    You can't port the whole program without changing anything if you used some platform-specific functions, sry not sure about the specific ones...

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