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    Multi-Column ListBox

    I want to put a ListBox (or whatever ) control on my dialog box.

    I want all the bells and whistles. Like I want each field to be resiable. For the entire list to be sorted by the field you select. To be able to pick and choose which fields are displayed.

    I have started playing with CListBox, but it does not seem to have these features. It has mutlicolumns, but that is just a wrap around if the first column fills up.

    Does anyone know of a control that does what I want?

    Edit: I think I just found it. CListCtrl Will see if that does what I need. So far it kinda looks like it.
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    What your looking for is a List View. Check on MSDN for more information about List views.

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    I was having some success with CListCtrl. I deleted it and started over with CListView, but I am finding very little in the way of information on it. Especially when you are inserting into a dialog as an ActiveX control.

    It shows up in my dialog fine, but the MSDN says to do GetListCtrl and then do normal operations on the ListCtrl. This is not even a valid function of the derived class. There must be something different when you use the ActiveX control version of the CListView (sp6).

    Does anyone know of some documentation on how to use this in this way? Ir, should I go back to a straight CListCtrl?
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