Thread: Please Help Me - Ftp Functions.

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    Please Help Me - Ftp Functions.

    I'm trying to scan an ftp for any folders or Files that are on it. I can only get it do display the first file. Can someone PLEASE tell me whats wrong with the code below:

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <Wininet.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
        WIN32_FIND_DATA pDirInfo;
    	WIN32_FIND_DATA pDir2Info;
        HINTERNET hDir;
    	HINTERNET intOpen;
    	HINTERNET hConnect;
    	char userName[100]="";
    	char password[100]="";
    	char server[100]="";
    	cout << "Enter the server: ";
    	cin  >> server;
    	cout << "Enter your user name: ";
    	cin  >> userName;
    	cout << "Enter your password: ";
    	cin  >> password;
    	intOpen = InternetOpen("ftp scan dos", INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT,
    	hConnect = InternetConnect(intOpen, server, INTERNET_DEFAULT_FTP_PORT,
    	hDir = FtpFindFirstFile(hConnect, "*.*", &pDirInfo,
    	cout << "\nRoot Dir Contains:\n" << pDirInfo.cFileName << "\n";
    	while(InternetFindNextFile (hDir, &pDirInfo))
    		cout << pDirInfo.cFileName << "\n";
       	return 0;

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    Exclamation Ummm....

    You should probably not be using a third part Winsock library. If you want to break down ho winsock really works, you should learn the API. Get a couple Winsock programming tutorials, the help file for the Winsock API, and the FTP RF for the ftp commands.

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    Didn't I post a response to this thread?

    There is more than one file to find?

    Why are you not using INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD as well as 'no cache' to ensure the files are current?

    Try rewritting your while loop. Check GetLastError() for ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES and also for an invalid file handle.
    This may tell you WHY the while loop is exiting.

    (I would have used a Do-While as the loop has to execute at least once)

    Don't forget to call for a close on the handle or you will not be able to open another.

    Why are you using 'main' and not 'winmain' in a windows app?
    Doesn't your compiler complain it can't find the winmain? Or did you not create a WIN32 APP? (not a WIN32 console app)

    >>third part Winsock library
    WinInet.h is the MS WIN32 Internet Extensions header. Not exactly third party. But also not as low level as the Windows Sockets API (allows quick development as you can ignore WinSock, TCP/IP ect).
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