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    dialog box fonts


    just a quick question, I hope.

    How can I change the fonts used on a dialog box (static text
    and a list box). The book I have mentions PNSetFont function
    but MSVC++ doesn't even recognise this function, which is
    strange because all the examples are for MSVC++.

    Also, If I need to format text and numbers for an dialog I usually use sprintf(), is there a better way of doing this because it doesn't format the text very evenly?

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    You can use the CString Format function, but it does basically
    the same.

    window.SetFont( &CFont ) will set the font of any window.
    You obviously need a CFont Object before you call this funtion.
    Create one as a member of you dialog and call it's CreateFont()
    function in OnInitDialog.

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    thanks for the help

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