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    Hi all;
    Thanks to the Tutorial I can now put cool looking Windows Message Boxes into my 32-bit console applications.
    I can't however get them to appear in the middle of my console window, unless I position my console in the centre of the screen all the time.
    I think that I need to do something with the HWND parameter within the MessageBox function to achieve this.
    At the moment my MessageBox function looks something like this...
    	MessageBox(NULL, "Program Successfully Completed", "Program Message ", MB_OK);
    What should I change "NULL" to in order to 'tell the message box' who its owner is?
    What other changes need to be made within the rest of the program to accomodate this?
    Thanks in advance.

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    In GTK+ a handler is a user defined method that is invoked by a widget. I can't say much for Microcrap Windows though.

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    maybe you could use FindWindow() to find your window and get a handle to it, but I've never tried it in console apps.

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