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    Icon Import/Editor :: MFC


    I would like to import a bitmap into Visual C++ resource editor as an icon. The bitmap is 32x32 pixel (*.bmp format.) There is no option in resource editor to import a bitmap as an icon. I would like to what the procedure for creating and implementing an icon for an MFC program.

    For example, do you need an icon editor? Imaged editor such as Photoshop do not have an option to save a bitmap as an icon (*.ico format)


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    You can copy the bitmap (ctrl+c) then Insert-->Resource->Icon, the default is 32x32 and paste onto it.
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    Okay. Thanks.

    There are nine icons in the MFC icon package. I
    downloaded IconCool Editor in imported a complete site of
    the same icon. I renamed the original MFC icon and use
    the new icon. Everything looks good.

    Icon design can be difficult especially under low


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