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    VB6 to C++

    I know VB6... and as you all know its nothing like C++... I want to Learn how to make win32 apps like i can do in VB but with C++

    Every one says read so i do and i lose intrest cause its so much to learn.

    I think the only way im going to learn is to take a class. im more of a "Show me first and then ill learn" type person.

    Anyone have any other ideas of how i could learn to make win32 apps... Remember im not familiar with c/C++

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    From a search of this board: learning win32.

    A good introduction can be found here.

    Charles Petzold's Programming Windows is invaluable.

    You should also have a thorough look throughout this website for links, compiler info etc etc.

    eg. may be useful to you.

    >>Every one says read so i do and i lose intrest cause its so much to learn.<<

    Yes it is but that's the only real way to learn; but it will get easier.

    You can always ask questions here or elsewhere when/if you run into difficulties.

    Good luck.
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    Modest Ken Fitlike...

    Give the [www] button at the bottom of his post a try, he has some nice tutorials on there...(and a nice tetris game)

    Also try porting your VB programs to C++ that will help you, as you dont have to worry about the design of a program as you know it already works, all you need to do is implement it.
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    If you want to learn to program Windows with C/C++, then I would suggest learning the language first. You will have trouble programming any OS if you do not understand the language you are trying to use.

    If you have been using VB with the "drag and drop" components, again, you will find programming the raw API "different". You cannot, for example, simply open a form. Here is probably the simplest Windows app you can make.
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