Thread: resources for network media indexing application

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    resources for network media indexing application

    I need to do the following things and am asking for help in locating resources as to how to go about doing them:
    1. 'Crawl' a Windows network and get the location, filename and filesize of all media files.
    2. Interact with a mysql database to store selected information about the files, to produce reports, and to perform searches.
    3. (Do some other interesting things in indexing the files which I will worry about once I get the basics working).

    I have experience creating basic win32 applications, but no experience using win32 for any of the above things.

    I will be creating my own C++ wrapper classes where needed, and so I am fine using existing code in either C or C++ (but do not want to use any MFC).

    So, what I am requesting is information about what APIs and libraries you recommend I use to do (1) and (2). If win32 happens to already provide support for doing these things, then I would appreciate it if you would mention a few relevant method calls to help my searches.

    I would really appreciate freely available information, as I can not afford to buy any books at this point (I am a student). If you do mention books though, I might be able to find them in the CS library.

    Thank you folks.

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    I've found the ODBC, C documentation on MSDN. Is there a free C++ alternative other than MFC? If not, the C API will work for my purposes (and I suppose it will be something worthwhile to have experience with).

    However, I am still at a loss as to the best way to programatically access computers on a Windows network in order to index all shared files. Any help; even just a mention of an important function name, or key search term?

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    You could look at the MS 'Internet' functions in the WinInet API.

    ie FtpFindFirstFile(), InternetFindNextFile() and InternetOpen()

    I suggest some experiments with plain old to get the 'crawling' right.

    FindFirstFile(), FindNextFile() and CloseFind() on your local system then transfer to the WinInet API calls.

    hFindData = FindFirstFile(szFileName, &FindData);
    if ((GetLastError() != ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES) && (hFindData != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE))
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