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    Insertion Point

    I call GetDlgItemText to get the text from an Edit box... but what do I call to retrieve the cursor insertion point within that text?

    "Hello this is my edit box"
    ____________ ^cursor

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    what do you mean? the "carret" position? a quick search of msdn with that as your keyword will help

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    Ahhh I got it, petzolds book had a nice example. It's "caret" by the way.

    Another question; I have a picture control with an icon loaded into it, I want to load a different icon into in when some certain condition is met... how would I go about doing this?

    I searched on MSDN for picture control, image control, icon control and everything in between, all it came up with was VB examples using LoadIcon(). I assume this is the function I have to use to do what I described above but i'm not sure how...

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