Thread: GetClientRect strange behaviour

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    GetClientRect strange behaviour

    uhhmm...kinda strange:
    when I use GetClientRect it seems it subtracts 4 from the bottom.
    I've set the height to 100 in CreateWindow and only receive 96.
    If I set it to 300 i recieve 296 as bottom...
    anyone familiar with this?


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    Not sure if this is what you are seeing, but commands that use the word client refer only to the inside of the window not the entire window. Like GetDC and GetClientDC have this distinction. I would assume this is what you are seeing.
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    GetClientRect returns how big the DRAWABLE part of the window is. Obviously you cannot draw on the title bar of the window so it does not count this. That is why it is a little off. If you want the full size of the WINDOW then use GetWindowRect.
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