Thread: Quick decimal question

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    Quick decimal question

    i'm using tomething like this

    sprintf(buffer,"Number: %.5f",int);

    i want it to always be the right number so if i had 5.23 i don't want it showing up as 5.23000 or i fi had a number like 5.1234567 i want all the numbers to show, is there something i can do to hav the decimal point always set itself to the proper number of places?

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    I am pretty sure that the most decimal places you can achieve is 5 places by using a double or float;
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    How many decimal places does a recuring number have? For example 1/3.

    Anyway, lookup the %g modifier, that may do what you want.
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    Are you using printf() in a C++ program? In C++, you could format cout using setf() and setprecision().


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