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    Unhappy toolbar problem

    Looks like the bitmap editor to draw for my toolbar resource in my SDI app is not working.

    I can't draw anything decent on it. Whether I clicked my mouse or not, as my cursor move over the bitmap, the bitmap is corrupted.

    However the editor for drawing the program icons is alright.

    Do anyone have the same problem as me?

    I'm using VC6 SP5. FYI, I had already un-installed and re-installed VC6 but the problem still persists, looks like it is a VC bug.

    Please pinpoint to me what I should do and I try to figure it out myself.

    Thank you.

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    I only use the default colors provided by the editor.

    The drawing editor for icons is alright, I can draw.

    But the drawing editor for toolbar is not. It is strange, considering they are the same editor.

    I just move my cursor over the blank 16*16 bitmap. Pixels appears and keeps on changing, all without me clicking inside the bitmap.

    For example, I can't draw a rectangle inside the bitmap. The rectangle keeps changing its size and position. However I can draw a rectangle for the program icons(32*32 and 16*16).

    Maybe someone here should make a default MFC SDI app(generated by Appwizard) and start to edit the toolbar. I want to see if I'm the only one with this problem.

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    It is my PC's problem

    Someone just told me,

    "I did that often enough and I can guarantee that it
    is not a general error. It must be something specific to your pc."

    So thanks, everyone who have read this thread.

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