Thread: Windows 98 api vs windows XP

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    Windows 98 api vs windows XP

    [stupid question]
    I have Charles Petzold's guide to the windows 98 api, this doesn't mean that I can't use it with xp right?
    [/stupid question]

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    Most of the functions will still work because of backwards-compatibility , but I'm sure there are some XP specific ones at your disposale now.
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    yes, the only difference is that there are new functions available in the API for XP, you can write a program to use them but if you try to run it on a Win32 platform that doesnt support that function it will error, there is a way around this so you can decide which function to call but it might be a little over your head right now.
    Due not that in each release of windows that some functions becomre obsolete and replaced but are still there and available for backwards compatability.
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    If I were you I would install 98 instead of XP. I used this book
    as a reference to program my latest application and after I finished I was surprised that it didn't work well on XP. Probably stock objects or at least DEFAULT_GUI_FONT is managed in a different way in XP than it is in 98.

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