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    VM manager artifact


    My question would be : memory leaks or just VM-artifact?

    Some details: after testing the software with Rational Purify, no *real* memory leaks were found. But the Task Manager memory usage history shows an increasing memory consumption if the test case is repeated only for a few times (say 4-5). Else, if this number is higher (above 6-7), the memory consumption drops as expected.

    As once adrianxw told me, there Windows' VM-manager behaves that way: it allocates memory in small chunks, then deallocates when a bigger amount of memory is freed. That's why we noticed a sudden drop after repeating the tests many times.

    That sounds ok to me, but how to convince our testers?
    Therefore I am looking for a method, function in Windows, which f o r c e s the VM-manager to deallocate the allready freed memory. It would be useful, so I could proof that the software we develop doesn't eat up Gbytes .

    Thanks in advance for Your help!

    Have a nice code!

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    So? There's no hope?

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