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    Not a Programming question, more an Idea

    Hi All,

    I'll be writing network management software (using agents), and still haven't decided on a crucial part - the communication.

    I don't know what protocol to use (thinking of application layer protocols here) to enable agents to communicate with the management station.

    looked at the but they don't have libraries for C++.

    Any ideas as what would be the best protocol to use.

    I know I can always define my own, but I want to keep things interoperable. Wanna use some well defined protocol.


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    I'm not sure what your talking about but here I go.
    TCP/IP to talk to other machines.

    #define LOGIN 0
    #define LOGOUT 1
    #define COMMAND1 2
    #define COMMAND2 3

    MyBuffer = printf("Command:i%", LOGIN);
    // String the other computer will get
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