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    Simple Dialog Question

    How do I prevent my dialog boxes from quiting when the escape key is pressed/

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    There are several solutions. You could override OnClose() and only call the inherited class close function on conditions or you could disable ESE all together.

    GetSystemMenu(FALSE)->EnableMenuItem(SC_CLOSE, MF_ENABLED);
    GetSystemMenu(FALSE)->EnableMenuItem(SC_CLOSE, MF_DISABLED);


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    1\ Change the ID of the Cancel Button:it Must be differ from (IDCANCEL),
    2/ and then Creat new Function that will react when you click the button (it must deffer from "OnCancel ";
    your new function will Call the virtual Function (CButton::OnCancel);
    3/ Creat new function as a member of your dialog class and its name must be OnCancel() this Function will do nothing.

    try this way!

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