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    winsock experts

    I'm hoping somebody can help me with my winsock program.

    I'm trying to get WriteFileEx to work with overlapped I/O on a socket. The trouble is, you can't specify a port or destination address with WriteFileEx, you can only specify the socket handle

    I've tried two different approaches to fix this:

    1) Tried writing a raw socket and filling in the IP Header and UDP header myself, then sending this off. That didn't seem to work
    2) Tried binding the socket to a sockaddr_in structure before the send. That didn't work either.

    Thing is, I'm not getting any errors. My completion routine is even called. It's just that the receiving program isn't getting the data.

    If anyone has ever done something like this, I'd appreciate a nudge in the right direction


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    What are the returns from WriteFileEx() and GetLastError() ?
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