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    Question Downloading windows platform sdk


    I'm trying to get my hands on the Windows Platform SDK. Unfortunately the only way it seams to download this from the windows site is too install a 'Windows update control'. As I'm using a computer without full system access I cant do this.

    Does anyone know a mirror site for this download or some other way to download it? It's actually just the documentation I'm after so if theres somewhere else to get that it would also be much appreciated.



    P.S. Any search in google just links me back to the windows site :-(

    Also does anyone know of a good long division tutorial :-(
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    No help on the Long Division, but as far as the documentation why not just use MSDN online? Or are you looking to have it all available for offline use? I can try to help you out the best I can, maybe I can DL it for you and work out a way to send it to you or something. Let me know.

    I can't say for sure.....but that doesn't look work related.

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    Hi Aaron

    Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid I have not got a connection to the internet available to view it online, so I am looking to have it for offline use.

    Unfortunately I think it is quite big (>100mb) so dont think email would work.

    Cheers for the idea though,


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    hmm, i got it, it came with VC++, maybe we can find a way to transfer it, 100MB at 3kpbs takes me about 9 hours. heh i dont care
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