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    Exclamation The Basics

    I know C and I have recently moved onto windows programming and learnt the basics from but thats it just the basics I can make simple windows with an edit box etc. But thats it and thats all I can do, so can some please tell me how I can advance in the world of windows programming.

    At the moment I am aiming to make a text editor which has coloured synax for both HTML and C + add some personal touches. (But i can't do any of this because all I can do is make a window with some menus a basic tool bar and a edit box)

    Please help

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    No question is a stupid question in my eyes. But when learning anything new with computers it is always best to read as much as you can. Even if the subject you read now doesn't pertain to what you want to study. Like you wanna learn programming so why would u read about windows management and such? Simple, at some point in your life it will all tie in. Maybe your programming boss needs help with his email and u get on his good side by fixing it, or maybe your windows try's to die in the middle of a big programming project, but you can save it.

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    Charles Petzolds "Programming Windows" 5th edition.

    If you have specific questions, we're always here.

    <edit> If you're not using an MS compiler, you may be careful with some of the examples in Petzold, they don't work - look at Programming Windows NT4 from the Ground Up by Herb Schildt - more compiler neutral </edit>
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    18 is a great site although there is nothing like a good book that u can always pick up when needed, "Petzold". As a programmer who will end up having your own personal library . Try making some programs on your own and that will help u determine how well your windows programming is coming. I try to make simple games myself, I am making the game
    Connect 4. As you get comfortable with the win32 your programming will reflect it.

    Furthermore, never stop learning like
    Ride or die stated, I know this professional programmer who does hiring and one thing he was told to get book on is XML. I though XML was just for websites but after I got a book and did some searching on, I see XML can be used with c++, but that's another story. Good luck!
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    I don't have a site right off hand. But go to and type in c++ tutorials

    I'm sure you'll find something.

    or Text Editor in C++

    do some searches
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    i don't really like Petzold's book...

    I recommend Win32 Programming by Brent Rector & Joseph Newcomer
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