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    Hyper links & .JPEG

    I have two questions.

    1.) How do I make link to a internet site in my program

    2.) I know you can display .BMP in a program but can you display a .JPEG?


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    1. ShellExecute is easiest (do a search on this board as it has been discussed before).

    2. Yes. OleLoadPicture (but forget it if you use MinGW, although it may be worth a trot over to MinGW cvs to check out the latest headers). Use google to find heaps of examples of this one.

    2b. Using GDI+ (GDIPlus) yes, very easily but definitely forget it if you are using MinGW. If you search this board with 'gdiplus' you should get a link to the ms download for the dll(if required; xp has it already) + sdk(you will need this). There are clear examples with the ms download for accomplishing this with jpeg,png,gif,tiff,bmp formats.

    Hope that helps.
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