I'm using D3D 7 to do a 2D application. I use DDraw surfaces and DrawPrimative() to screen coordinates.

My problem is that I have a bunch of color masked surfaces. From the same surface I display a few of the icons normally, but then I want some I display (intersperced throughout), to have another texture overlaid. Problem is that I only want the texture overlaid on the non-color-mask colors. I need the texture to retain its color masking but with the new texture alphaed over the rest of it.

Its the same texture I want to alpha over multiple different surfaces so it wont work to have a different overlay texture for each one with color masking already laid out.

Any ideas? I'm really stuck here.

P.S. I cant get online much or long so I may not be able to reply to this very frequently but I WILL check back lots. Thank you.