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    bounce angles

    i have a prog with a bitmap bouncen around the screen at 45 degrees all the time (x+1;y+1) is there any way to make the bitmap bounce at acurate angles?
    as in:
    but -----<--->--|
    to keep at 90 degrees
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    I am not sure I exactly know what you are asking, but I will give it a guess. When I made a program like this I used vectors. I kept a x value and a y value. When the ball hits a side wall the x value switches signs. When the ball hits the top or bottom the y value changes signs.
    //hit side wall
    x = -x;
    //hit top or bottom
    y = -y;
    //This is where:
    //Current X Position = Last X + x
    //Current Y Position = last Y + y
    This is what it should look like:
       \ |  
        \| <- Wall  -        The ball changes signs in X direction
       / |
      \  /
       \/                 Ball changes signs in Y direction
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