Thread: Help with hiding CMenu in MS-VS C++ 6

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    Angry Help with hiding CMenu in MS-VS C++ 6

    Please help I have reached the proverbial end of my tether!

    I am using MS-Visual Studio 6 C++. I have a derivation of the infamous scribble application. I want to create a "full screen mode" where I do not show the title, status bar, tool bar or menues. I can achieve all of these except for the menues, when ever I move from one document to another I have to actively deletemenu() any menu from AfxGetMainWnd()->GetMenu();

    Does anybody know how to "hide" CMenus?



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    You would really have to kill the menu off when you switch to 'fullscreen'.

    Use the Win32 API SetClassLong with the GCL_MENUNAME flag set to NULL to do this and to restore it when you return to 'windowed' you replace the 'NULL' with the menu resource identifier, eg:
    and to restore it:
    where CWndMFCClass is a ptr to your CWnd (or derived) object and MenuID is the resource name of the menu (use MAKEINTRESOURCE if the menu id is a numeric rather than string value).

    You may prefer to use the :: scope resolution operator with SetClassLong.

    Alternatively you can unregister the window class and re-register it without a menu but I don't know how much of a hassle this is in mfc. It's certainly a little more hassle in win32 than using SetClassLong to switch the menu on/off, so to speak.

    Hope that helps some.

    edit: Corrected hideous error - very sorry about that.
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