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    Arrow Nothing complicated, just...

    ...INTERFACES!!! (Sinister laugh, fades to silence in 10 seconds)

    (Ahem)Well, the thing is, my program currently allows the user to create both a new "project" and a new "component" via the same New command from the File menu, which opens a dialog that allows the user to select which new item they want, and a name for it. However, I keep getting this urge to instead make that New command handle new projects only and instead put a "New component" button on the toolbar and allow the user to name it via immediately editing the label of the tree view item it creates.

    Now, obviously the project is the main item (If that makes any sense ) inside which all components reside. It's the thing that's loaded and saved, and hence all the other commands on the File menu apply only to it (Open, Save, Save As). The reason why I did the dialog initially was the fact that projects and components both have a "Name" field in their types, so it seemed convenient. But the project and its components are listed in the tree view and their names can be edited there, so I'm just a little... um... undecided. Should I do the dialog, the toolbar button, both or neither (In answering neither you agree to supply an alternative, please )?

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    The new menu item could be a popup menu that leads to your two choices: project and component. It would be something like this.

    It is easy to do if you are using a menu resource.

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