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    Lightbulb FOURCC to string?

    I'm trying to interpret a Four Character Code (FOURCC) as a string. FOURCCs are longs representing characters which make up an identifier for multimedia content in AVI files, among others. So, does anyone know a way of converting a long into a char[4]?

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    read below
    - Oskilian
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    Well, I was once working on AVI files, so I think I can help you.

    I have four solutions for you:
    - read it as a char[4], that was what I was doing.

    - handle it as a DWORD, make constant values using MAKEDWORD and MAKEWORD

    - do the following:

    union FCC
    DWORD dwValue;
    char[4] cValue;
    } myFcc;

    store your DWORD into dwValue, and then read it from cValue[] as you would on a normal struct, but it's a union, so both members share the same memory position.

    - make a funtion:

    int DwordToFourCC(DWORD fcc, char* buffer)
    //I'm not sure about the order of these, but try messing with them
    return 0;

    I haven't tried each one of these, so I'm not sure they would work...

    I can only say that these could work on Visual C++ 6, I'm not sure about other compilers

    Good Luck


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