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    close frame window/view

    I'm doing my first project at work. i'm learning visual c++. I know some c++. My question is when i execute my
    program it comes up with a property sheet with tabs. that fine but when you click on the ok button on the bottom
    it goes to single document or view window with nothing on it, so I would like when you click on the ok button
    it will close(end) your program. I build my application with single document. They want my program to come up
    with tabs window and when you close it, for it not to go to the view window.

    Jason C.

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    The window that appears is presumably the parent of the property sheet.

    There are a couple of ways around this:

    1. Make the desktop the parent of your property sheet.
    2. Hide the parent window. (ShowWindow )

    Hope that helps some.
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