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    ram editing i think

    the first codes for video game editing systms are sometimes made by having a program check varibles in the game for changes between states for example if your health in a game is 20 you search all the varibles in the game for 20 then you go to the game and lose 1 health then check for the varibles that were 20 for 19 and so on until it finds the right varible to keep at a certain number. is there any way i could monitor and edit the vars in ram of computer games? to make a univesal video game editor or something of the sort? By the way i don't know if u could make a virus this way but i swear im just trying to cheat in games(Made me look so good LOL) thanks in advance
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    There's a program called TSearch which you can get here:
    It's what I use for searching for memory addresses to patch with WriteProcessMemory();

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