Thread: Strange vc++ complier error

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    Question Strange vc++ complier error

    Im trying to compile one of my projects and im getting an error from msvc++ 6.

    --------------------Configuration: test - Win32 Debug--------------------
    C:\dev\test\test.cpp(14) : warning C4518: 'char ' : storage-class or type specifier(s) unexpected here; ignored
    C:\dev\test\test.cpp(14) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'winsock'
    C:\dev\pws\test.cpp(14) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found
    Error executing cl.exe.

    #include <windows.h>

    #include "qwickload.h"

    #define xmem(n) (char*)LocalAlloc(LMEM_FIXED | MEM_ZEROINIT , n)
    #define xfree(n) LocalFree( n )

    char winsock[] = "Winsock dll"; //

    I can't see anything striking and can't seem to get past this error... it doesn't happen with other projects on the same compiler, similar stuff.

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    Firstly...dont know why this is happening.......maybe something in qwickload.h that's trhowing the preprocessor off

    Secondly...MEM_ZEROINIT should be LMEM_ZEROINIT........(maybe his is the problem and what I said above is confusing the error reporting part of VC++

    Thirdly......Dump LocalAlloc()....its old........Heaps arent global or local anymore.....they are based in the running process

    Fourthly....try not to use #defines like that....they may be easy to use but they can make debugging and error finding an absolute hell as they dont support type safety

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    the MEM_ZEROINIT thing was just a typo its LMEM_ZEROINIT in the actual code. I though I checked qwikload.h but I forget a ";" on the last prototype. Any Ideas on memory allocation ? Use HeapAlloc instead ?

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    hmmm, sorry to double post, but does anyone know how to stop getting the error "unresolved external chkstk", I only want to link to kernel32 and not use any other libraries( ie msvcrt.lib ), I found a page on the msdn site but when I used "/Gs" there was no change [ msvc++ 6 ], the error still occoured.

    Thanks for any help

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