Thread: Two UI questions

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    Two UI questions

    This is for a map editor, just so you know.

    1) How can I create a window that is on top of the MDI child windows?
    (Like a tileset window)

    2) How can I create scrollbars? I am a bit lost on how I can let people scroll the map window. I can figure out how to draw it(I think), but scroll...

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    I think any popup window that is a child of the Frame Window will always be on top of the MDIClient and MDIChild.

    It sounds like you did create scrollbars just that you don't understand how to move the thumb around and stuff. Scrollbars send a lot of messages back to the parentwindow and you have to send messages back to it to move the thumb. Here's a pretty good link explaining it on MSDN
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    Use SetWindowPos() with SWP_TOPMOST
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