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    Hey guys. I'm starting to progress in my programming skills and am ready for something new. I recently made a simple FTP program and it works great, but now I think I want to make my own FTP browser. My question is: How does one go about listing the contents of a directory in a control? I want it to look just like the window file explorer. Can this be done with just API or must I use MFC?

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    of course it can be done. There may be a control you can load that supports icons and such but I'm not really familiar with it. certainly you could just draw them yourself. Get a series of folder and file icons, stick them in your project's resources. When you get your listing of files to display, blit the images to an appropriate place, output whatever text you need to right below it. Like I said, there may already be a common control for this but you don't have to have one.

    As far as MFC goes, anything you are doing in MFC can be done in the API. There's nothing magical about MFC. It's a wrapper.
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    GetOpenFileName() (the standard open file dialog) can be configured to allow you to select more than 1 file at a time, and I think you can use a custom dialog for it....

    See MSDN if you want to see more on this func and its implementation

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    If you mean 'looks like explorer.exe' then you need to look into common controls. The left pane in explorer is a 'treeview' control while the right-most pane is a listview control. If you want the same splitter-bar functionality for resizing these panes then you will have to build that into your app eg. by creating a custom control to do it as there is no splitter window control currently defined by the system.
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    >>> Can this be done with just API or must I use MFC?

    MFC is a wrapper around Win32. Thus, Anything you can do with MFC, you can do with the raw API. MFC is simply a class library, (there are others), that encapsulates some of the basic API.
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    Once again you've been so very helpful, unlike some other placesI' tried to get help. I will start looking into these controls.

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    Also for a simple list of files, try a Listbox and send it a LB_DIR msg.

    As to the Treeview and Listview, FindFirstFile(), FindNextFile() and FindClose() may also be helpful to get the files.
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