Thread: msvc++ 6 and ms access 2000

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    msvc++ 6 and ms access 2000

    is there a way to use ms access 2000 .mdb's with msvc++ 6
    to create applications which read and store data in the .mdb?

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    Arrow Mk84
    I'm not a database guy, but we do lot of database access at my work. I'd lookup how use SQL with C++. I believe you'll have to leave Access up and running while your program is running. If your looking at a Client/Server project, this probably ideal for you (especially since you only need to know 4 SQL functions to do just about anything).

    If you don't like SQL (or turns out to be useless to you), it might be possible for you to get your hands on a library that reads and writes .mdb files, but it probably won't be pretty.

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    Sorry, didn't login properly.

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    even with access open, how would u write to it.

    also, shouldn't there be a C++ Class header file that opens an mdb ?

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    There is some way to tell your program what database to use, but I personally don't know how to do it. I would search the net for SQL tutorials.

    Owwww. A quick search of MSDN has shown an MFC class that might be exactly what you want. Read up on the CDaoDatabase MFC class. Its header file is afxdao.h. Make sure you set your project to compile using multithreaded libraries when using MFC.
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