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    Unhappy Weird bug

    Ok, this is my problem:
    I draw a transparent bitmap, and it DOESN'T WORK!

    This is what happens:

    I have aliens and a ship flying around; the ship shoots bullets/lasers/rockets, and the aliens shoot funny purple things. Except that the funny purple things don't show up, until I make the ship shoot something; then the funny purple things show up as whatever the ship shot. As far as I can tell, the bitmap loaded properly (the call to load it didn't return 0), and it's not my transparency function because it doesn't work with plain BitBlt() either.

    Any quick ideas? I'll post the code in a sec.

    P.S. Actually, the purple things show up, but as a box made up of random data (until the ship shoots; then it turns into whatever you shot).

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    This is the entire code/bitmaps/workspace for the progam.
    Just Google It. √

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