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    Question Beginners Tutorials

    I just started programming in C++ about a week or two ago. I downloaded the Bloodshed C++ Compiler to start me out. Now that I have it, where do I start? I'm completely new to this C++ programming type situation business, and I need help. I already checked out the first 3 tutorials on this site and they gave my some good help. But where is the best tutorial for a beginner?

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    The *Best* tutorial for me may not be the best one for you. It just depends on how you learn. When I started out, I just went to yahoo and typed in stuff like "learn c++" and "c++ tutorial" and found at least 10 sites that I could get good information from. The best way to learn though, is probably by example. I would look for sites that have sample code or code to complete apps. Try for one or for another. There are loads of them out there.
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    I'm not sure of your previous programming experience but c++ only took me a few hours to learn thanks to . But keep in mind that I was an experienced programmer so I'm not sure how it will help a complete newbie

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    that one is really easy to follow, but the author does recommend that you are familiar with typedefs, macro's, and switches. I would give some more time to C++ or C before starting off in Windows Programming.

    In Bloodshed you will need to create a new project, a Win32 Application, not a console app.

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